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Fusion Secrets


Ok, so there was a submission to Dirty DBZ Confessions a few days ago, about Goten and Trunks having sex inside their mind while fused, to which goingtonamek commented that someone should write that fanfic, and a switch just flipped inside my head that said “Challenge Accepted”, lol - hope you guys like it ;)


Trunks leaned over the table, stealing the cherry from Goten’s sundae and popping it into his mouth with a smirk. That earned him “the look” as he called it; Goten’s half-pouting frown that made his mouth twist to the side so cutely.

“Come on Trunks, you already had your own cherry” he admonished him, pulling the rest of his dessert closer to himself as if that would protect it.

“Yeah, but I like having yours too” Trunks winked at him, making the younger demi blush. Trunks sat back down in his seat, mission accomplished, and began polishing off the rest of his own ice cream. He took special care to make sure he had full eye contact with Goten each time he slowly licked his spoon clean.

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